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Daeyoung Dyeing Co., Ltd.
creates a new history in the textile process industry

Hello everyone. Daeyoung Dyeing Co., Ltd. expresses gratitude with constant
love and deep affection for all the customers having business with us.

Daeyoung Dyeing Co., Ltd. has grown up to be a leading company
representing the nylon dyeing process industry in both name and reality
due to the special interests and supports from all the customers up to now.

With incessant R&D and investment, Daeyoung Dyeing Co., Ltd.
has developed the differentiated products and services to go for a
"company central to customers" in the 21st century, and has played a leading role of settling down an advanced culture in the dyeing process as well as the development of industry such as "ISO 9001 for customer satisfaction", "ISO 14001 for environment certificate", etc.

It has recently provided more friendly and quick services by providing real-time based production information by introducing the customer relationship management (CRM) for the first time in the industry as part of management central to customers as well as building ERP to cope quickly with the management environment based on the e-business along with the new knowledge.

In addition, it has retained superior know-how not only for general processing but also for special processing in functionalities for the purpose of prior occupation in the dyeing and processing markets. It also tries to place a stable foundation to jump to a super first-class company in the dyeing and processing fields in the 21st industry as it accomplishes a remarkable enhancement in the level of product quality improvement in the dyeing process, which will be a main axis for the future competitiveness by manufacturing products with excellent quality over a variety types.

Daeyoung Dyeing Co., Ltd. will try its best to carry out the management philosophy of customer satisfaction based on the love and trust from customers in the future as well, and make every effort to become a company to contribute to creating the excellent quality and culture with various dyeing and processing products requested by the future society.

I hope you always keep paying attention to Daeyoung Dyeing Co., Ltd. with the consistent affection and interest as much as the family of Daeyoung Dyeing Co., Ltd. does. Thank you.

Employees of Daeyoung Dyeing Co., Ltd.

Bisan 7th dong, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea 2009~14 TEL : 053-356-1875~9 FAX : 053-354-1339